Pindaya Road view
PICTURED: Pindaya Road view

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Natma-Taung National Park & Mt Victoria
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The 3,053-meter-high Natma-Tuang (formerly Mount Victoria) is a sky island where the flora and fauna at its upper elevations are dramatically different.
Kaladan River
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Some 320 kilometers long, the Kalandan River forms a central part of the international border between India and Myanmar and is a busy waterway.
Hidden Gems: Chin State
Pagodas & Monuments | Landscape | 0 comments
Chin State lies on the border of Bangladesh and India on the northwestern side of Myanmar. There are only 500,000 people in the whole state.
Hidden Gems: Mount Victoria
Landscape | 1 comments
Mount Victoria lies in the heart of a rich and beautiful national park in the Chin State of Myanmar.
The Thadou (or Thado)
People & Tribes | 0 comments
Solid and imposing villages are home to a gentle people. The Thadou may regale you with the story of their migration from Tibet.
The Asho
People & Tribes | 0 comments
If you’re visiting Chin State and you’d like to meet some folks who haven’t left their past behind, the Asho are the perfect hosts.
The Mara
People & Tribes | 0 comments
Good Christian folk are the core of the Chin State and they don’t get much more Christian than the Mara.
Kennedy Peak
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Kennedy Peak is an 8,868ft peak situated in the Falam district of Myanmar's Chin State.
Heart-Shaped Reed Lake: The Heart of Chin State
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Reed Lake is considered the heart of the picturesque Chin State and, as a matter of fact, the body of water viewed from above resembles a heart.
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