Inle Lake

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Shwe Oo Min Pagoda
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Just when Buddhist temples and pagodas begin to look the same, Myanmar will surprise its visitors.
Stupas at Kakku
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The stupas at Kakku were built upon an area designed to look like the Buddha's footprint.
Curious Fish, Fascinating People Home at Inle Lake
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Inle Lake certainly holds the distinction of being the highest lake in Myanmar and home to some unusual fish.
Hidden Gems: Lashio
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Lashio lies near the Chinese border with Myanmar and is a surprisingly large city for its remote location. It is the capital of the Shan Province and a hive of activity.
Hidden Gems: Muse
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Muse is the largest trading post with Burma’s northern neighbor, China. It’s home to about 20,000 people.
Hidden Gems: Kyaing Tong
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Kyaing Tong (or variously Kengtung, Chiang Tung, Kengtong, or Cheingtung depending on the local dialect being spoken) is a small town in Shan State.
Tai Khamti
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Actually a gentle farming folk, these people have reputations as warriors. Watch out for the finest swords in all of Myanmar.
Marvel at 8,000 Buddhas Within the Pindaya Caves
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The Pindaya Caves are set in the hills of Shan State near Pindaya, a small city with a spidery legend.
Shan State: Jumping Cats and Leg-Rowers
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There are few places in Myanmar (Burma) that more fully express the uniqueness of this country than Shan State.
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Kalaw is a hill town located on the rolling hills of the Shan Plateau. It is a former colonial British hill station and there are some interesting colonial remains to see.
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Pindaya is a small and quiet town in Shan State. It is famous for its incredible limestone caves called the Pindaya Caves.
The Shan
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The Shan are primarily based in Shan State and number approximately six million. They are a diverse people, made up of a number of sub-groups living in Kachin and Kayin states, and Mandalay Division.
Lotus Silk Shawls
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There is only one place in the world where the fibers of the lotus plant are woven into scarves and shawls. It is a form of weaving that is entirely unique to Myanmar (Burma) and specifically to Inle Lake.
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