Pho Win Taung
PICTURED: Pho Win Taung

All Sagaing Region Attractions

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Phowintaung is a complex of Buddha caves that is located on the banks of the Chindwin River.
Thanbokde Pagoda
The two towering white elephants that stand at the entrance to Thanbokde Pagoda are only a taste of the spectacular Buddhist architecture within.
The Naga Hills
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Not to be confused with the serpentine Naga of Buddhist and Hindu lore, the Naga are an ethnic minority who live along the border with India.
Chattin Wildlife Sanctuary
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The 269-square-kilometer Chatthin Wildlife Sanctuary is one of Myanmar's most important centers of eco-tourism, and a home to Eld's Deer, or Thamin.
Saramati Mountain
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Nearf the border between India and Myanmar (Burma), Mount Saramati's snow-capped peak rises above the hills of Nagaland/Naga Hills.
Bodhi-ta-taung Pagoda
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What one notices when arriving at Bodhi-ta-taung (or One Thousand Bo Trees) is not the trees, but the gleaming Buddha statues that rise above them.
Sagaing Hill Monasteries
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Sagaing is a popular day-trip destination, across the Irrawaddy River, 20 km (12 miles) southwest of Mandalay.
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