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Golden Rock Teeters on the Edge
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While the pagoda itself is not much to write home about, what the structure is perched on will catch and hold your attention.
Bilu Kyun (Ogre Island)
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While it may be impossible to prove that ogres once existed on Bilu Kyun island, there certainly aren't any there today.
Pa-Auk-Taw-Ya Monastery
Pagodas & Monuments | 1 comments
The Pa-Auk-Taw-Ya Monastery is nestled deep within forests and hills off a highway leading from the Mon State capital of Mawlamyine.
Mon Cultural Museum
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One of the most influential ethnic groups in Myanmar, the Mon have played a part at almost every stage of Burmese history.
Kyaikthanlan Paya
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If you know Rudyard Kipling's poem, “Mandalay," you may remember a stanza about the “Moulmein pagoda."
Hidden Gems: Mawlamyaing (Mawlamyine)
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Mawlamyaing is a large city. It is home to nearly a half-million people, the third largest city in the country.
Kalegauk Island
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Kalegauk Island is a long, thin strip of land, like a splash of paint thrown into the Andaman Sea off the coast of Mon State. It’s just 10 km (6 miles) long and measures 1.6 km (1 mile) at its widest point.
Kokunye Kyun, Wa Kyun and Kyungyo Islands
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These are the coastal islands that lie in an area of shallow water off the Mon State coast in southern Myanmar (Burma), close to the mouth of the Ye River.
Nwa La Bo Pagoda
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Nwa La Bo Pagoda is precariously positioned atop three boulders. It's found on a mountain of the same name in Poun Township, near Mawlamyine in Mon State.
Kalegauk Island
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Kalegauk Island lies in the Andaman Sea, five miles off the east coast of Ye township in Myanmar’s Mon state. The island measures less than one mile across at its widest point, and 10 miles in length.
The Mon
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Mon people make up about 2 percent of the total population of Myanmar (Burma). No other ethnic group has exerted such influence over the nation’s arts, beliefs and customs.
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