Mt. Zwekabin
PICTURED: Mt. Zwekabin

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Bayin Nyi cave
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The complex is situated around the base of a series of low hills near the banks of the Dondami River.
Mt. Zwekabin
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In the background of the Thanlwin River stands Mt. Zwekabin, which is 723 meters high.
Kyauk Kalap
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The Kyauk Kalap Pagoda is situated on top of a tall and thin limestone rock formation.
Thamanya Monastery
Located just outside the Kayin State capital of Hpa-An is Thamanya Monastery, the final resting place of its former abbot, Thamanya Sayadaw U Vinay.
Kawgun Cave
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While the many limestone caves around Hpa-An are natural marvels of their own, if you can only visit one, it would have to be Kawgun Cave temple.
Saddar Cave
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Saddar Cave is place of religious icons in an interesting underground environment.
Hidden Gems: Hpa – An
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Hpa-An is the capital city for the Province of Kayin. It is one of the closest to the Thai border and is the first major city that Thai travelers would encounter.
Myanmar's Caves Ideal for Spiritual Spelunker
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Does the thought of squeezing your way through an unexplored cavern make you happy? Then you'll love Myanmar (Burma). Many caves remain unexplored.
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