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All Kachin State Attractions

Mount Hkakabo Razi
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In tropical Myanmar (Burma), the slopes of Mount Hkakabo Razi can often be seen glistening with snow.
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If you're headed to Khakabo Razi National Park, you can't go wrong by putting up in the town of Puta-O.
Indawgyi lake
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The largest inland body of water in Southeast Asia, Indawgyi Lake is the centerpiece of a wildlife sanctuary.
Majaw Lisu Village
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This rustic village is a two-hour walk from Puta-O, and a great place to view the majestic Himalayan Mountains.
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Until the 19th century, Bhamo was the nexus of trade between Burma and China; caravans from India would stop here before moving farther into the Far East.
Hidden Gems: Bhamo
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Bhamo is a hidden gem near the Chinese border. It’s a beautiful old trading port that’s often overlooked by travelers searching for more famous destinations.
Hidden Gems: Hkakbo Razi
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Hkakabo Razi is the tallest mountain in Southeast Asia. It is 5,881 meters (that’s 19,295 feet) tall.
Hidden Gems: Putao
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Putao is in the far north of Myanmar, which means that visitors enjoy what so many others miss.
Hidden Gems: Myitkyina
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Myitkyina is a trade hub and the capital of Kachin Province, so there is a hustling flavor to the city.
The Atsi/The Zaiwa
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The Atsi are an independent people who for many generations have insisted on living their lives on their own terms.
The Rawang
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The origin of the Rawang is a little bit of a mystery, and across the various tribes, a hundred dialects are spoken.
Bumhpa Bum
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Bumhpa Bum, elevation 3,411m (11,911ft), is the highest peak in the Kachin Hills of Myanmar’s Kachin State.
Explore Myanmar's Himalayan Mountains
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Challenging, beautiful and rarely explored, the Himalayan Mountains of Myanmar (Burma) are often overlooked by most globe-trotting adventurers. But that could change soon.
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