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Thanaka Could Be the World’s Coolest Cosmetic!
These children are adorable and what a lovely cosmetic tradition! I hope it catches on...
Sally Shuccaire, Bermuda Bermuda
March 10, 2013
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A Girl’s Guide to Dressing Comfortably on a Visit
my girlfriend and I went on a major shopping spree before going, who knew Burma would be such a...
powergirl, United States United States
April 03, 2013
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Can Myanmar People Read and Write?
they were European influenced, an English colony for long time, of course their English is good...
Franco, Italy Italy
April 03, 2013
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Hkakabo Razi: The Final Himalayan Conquest
Wow. Just getting TO the mountain may be of interest to trekkers who don't want any company....
JenTheHornist, United States United States
May 17, 2013
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Blimey! It is Always Time for Tea in Myanmar
What a superb version of tea time! Tea should be savoured rather than gulped....
Riccardo, Canada Canada
March 06, 2013
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