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Myanmar Manufacturing: Numbers Promise Growth
Labor costs maybe lower, but the overall costs are the issue, other inputs like transportation,...
Bluesky, United States United States
March 05, 2013
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Kawgun Cave
Kayin State
Amazing how can they create it like that back then, wow! ...
Claudio D, Spain Spain
January 03, 2013
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Gather the Flower Posse: Let's Go Hunt for Orchids
I saw that movie too! totally loved it!!! One of my faves!...
Lisa Guiddo,
April 03, 2013
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Is it Safe in Myanmar? Warnings and Dangers
Good to know but still can't wait to go! :o)...
Amelie, Australia Australia
March 05, 2013
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Here are the Top 6 Party Spots in Yangon
Also check out 50th street bar! Its very popular. Overall, Yangon is no Bangkok (or KL, or...
Dreamer, Switzerland Switzerland
March 11, 2013
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