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My Son Becomes a Monk!
This is a touching story and apparently a common one in Myanmar. Nicely done....
May 04, 2013
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Go Ahead. ‘Tak’ a Guess... Goatelope or Anteloat?
That's incredible. Only in Myanmar! Such strange and unknown animals!...
Franco, Italy Italy
April 03, 2013
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Serving Up Delicacies is a Threat to Rare Animals
On any of China’s borders, not only Myanmar, you see monkeys, pangolins, snakes, exotic birds in...
foxqueen, Sweden Sweden
April 08, 2013
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Thanaka Could Be the World’s Coolest Cosmetic!
These children are adorable and what a lovely cosmetic tradition! I hope it catches on...
Sally Shuccaire, Bermuda Bermuda
March 10, 2013
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Is it Safe to Fly Domestic Airlines in Myanmar?
i am more scared of the domestic airports than the flights, but anyways tons of tourists are...
fishhook, Japan Japan
March 26, 2013
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April 2015

Jerdon’s Babbler Alive and Well in Myanmar
08 Apr 2015
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Discovery adds to country’s impressive bird population
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