Shwedagon Paya
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Hot spots

Myanmar’s Hot Springs: Five Places to Do Nothing
doing nothing sounds great! i love hot springs, I have tried Kaung Daing in inle Lake, was great,...
foxqueen, Sweden Sweden
April 08, 2013
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Muslim Community has Ancient Roots Here
seems they must have muslim writers, am guessing, since there's a lot of balanced content here,...
shohreh7, France France
May 04, 2013
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Hurtful Sanctions Still Cloud Myanmar's Future
Sanctions don't work. Time try something new. Do business!...
takuro, Japan Japan
March 28, 2013
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Recommended Reading for Insight on Myanmar
I appreciate the books selection here, seems before traveling you can read books throughout the...
JWalters, United States United States
March 08, 2013
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Yangon’s First Hotel Rooftop Bar is Open!
wow! awesome, this is a great tip! I will check this out...
foxqueen, Sweden Sweden
April 08, 2013
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March 2015

White Elephant Capture Lifts the Entire Nation
27 Mar 2015
Current Affairs | 0 comments
It is a revered symbol of prosperity and good fortune
Chatrium Events for March & April 2015
17 Mar 2015
Accommodations | Food & Drink | 0 comments
Chatrium has some great promotions and events coming up for March and April!
Dawei Project Spawns a Multi-Country Railroad
08 Mar 2015
Current Affairs | 0 comments
Myanmar initiative has impact clear to Vietnam
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