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Mekong River Links Laos, Myanmar… and China
China must be there. Mekong River starts in China, then flows thru Myanmar/Laos and lawless Golden...
Bluesky, United States United States
March 07, 2013
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Now the World Wants to Know All About Myanmar
i did not know about the courses in Paris, fantastic info!...
clara, France France
April 14, 2013
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Myanmar Arriving Very Late to Wild Trade Party!
There are advantages from isolation too. It avoided the Asian Currency Crisis, its neighbors are...
Bluesky, United States United States
March 05, 2013
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Myanmar's Labor Pool Young and Eager
future of the country rest on the youth, everyone should step aside and let the youth move ahead...
transientbeauty, Canada Canada
April 05, 2013
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Shan Plateau Gems Are a Benefit and a Bane
Diamonds get a lot of attention, but rubies and sapphires are most coveted by kings, queens and the...
foxqueen, Sweden Sweden
April 08, 2013
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Feburary 2015

Taking Care of Business Helps Nation on its Feet
20 Feb 2015
Deal | Current Affairs | 0 comments
Entrepreneurs and businesspeople keys to progress
Poppy-Growing Just One Option for Rural Myanmar
10 Feb 2015
Current Affairs | 0 comments
National policies the key to reducing opium crop
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