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Best price guarantee Best price guarantee
Best price guarantee Best price guarantee
Best price guarantee

We want you to pay the lowest possible rate for your room. If you have reserved a hotel room through Agoda, and then show us that you could book the same room, for the same dates, at a lower rate, that is viewable and bookable on another website, agoda will either match that rate or beat it.

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Myanmar's Best Deals for Hotel Bargain Hunters 08 Jan 2013 Accommodations | 1 comments

Are you a backpacker (a.k.a. into independent budget travel) and looking to travel Myanmar on the cheap?

If you’re on a serious adventure and just planning to come back late and crash and then wake up and bolt out for some more action in the morning, then is there really a difference between cheap and expensive accommodations?  Besides, you meet cooler people in the cheap hotels, right?

Traveling Cheap

Lucky for you, Myanmar is a country that can still be traveled on the cheap, and we’ve got you covered with discount hotel rates. Before long, every low cost place across the country should be right here, bookable online so you can explore every corner of this undiscovered land on a shoestring budget.

Rates are changing all the time and new options are always popping up but, for now, we can at least send you in the right direction for low-cost travel planning. If you want to stretch out those greenbacks as far as possible, then do some reading on these bargain travel options covering the various spots we are guessing you are likely to explore in Myanmar. You can find these hotels on the very bottom rung of the price range of our options for each particular destination.


Commercial and cultural hub

Try these:

Silver Moon Hotel
2-star hotel with 28 rooms close to Yangon airport

Golden Guest Inn
2-star hotel with 15 air-conditioned guest rooms, 5 minutes from Inya Lake

M.G.M. Hotel
2-star hotel in west-central Yangon

Stallion Hotel
2-star hotel close to Yangon airport

Tai Pan Motel
1-star hotel in north Yangon, Bahan township, with lots of restaurants nearby


Bagan is an ancient city in the Mandalay Region, the former capital of the Kingdom of Pagan. It is famous for the thousands of pagodas that cover its landscape and is one of the richest archaeological sites across Asia.

Try this:

Floral Breeze Hotel Bagan
3-star hotel in new Bagan with 54 guest rooms

Inle Lake
Freshwater lake in Shan State, Taunggyi District. A top tourist attraction famous for its scenery and native Intha leg-rowers

Try this:

View Point Hotel Inle Lake
3-star hotel with 20 cottage suites


Capital of Mandalay Region, second largest city in Myanmar and the economic hub of upper Burma. Located on the east side of the Irrawaddy River, it was the last royal capital of Burma and, in colonial times, considered the center of Burmese culture and Buddhism. There has been an influx of Chinese immigration into the city in recent times.

Try this:

Smart Hotel
3-star hotel in north Mandalay

Great Wall Hotel
3-star hotel in north Mandalay on Mandalay-Yangon Highway

Mandalay View Inn
3-star hotel in north Mandalay

Power Hotel
2-star hotel in north Mandalay

Pyin Oo Lyin (or Pyin U Lwin or Maymyo)
One-hour drive from Mandalay, a former British hill station and paradise hill town tucked away up in the Shan Highlands several thousand feet above sea level. Cool and breezy, this was a famous getaway spot in colonial times for the British to escape the hot summer temperatures. Today, tourists still explore the beautiful town and its lovely gardens by horse and carriage. In addition to Botanical Gardens and lush waterfalls, Pyin Oo Lyin is filled with British heritage buildings such as the Purcell Tower (a clocktower that was a gift from Queen Victoria), a former British garrison and numerous former colonial-era residences.

Try this:

Cherry May Hotel
2-star hotel built in 2004

Royal Parkview Hotel
3-star hotel with 20 rooms

Hotel Aster
1-star hotel built in 2011

Essential Hotel
2-star hotel with chalets and hotel rooms. New since September 2009

Ngapali Beach

Widely regarded as Myanmar’s most beautiful beach, this is a destination with clear blue water and white sandy beach that can stand up to anything Thailand has to offer. It stretches along the Bay of Bengal in Rakhine State in western Myanmar. You can fly there from Yangon, Mandalay, and Heho.

You’ll have to dig a little deeper into your wallets for this one. The place is still under development and we are working on some cheaper options for you. In the meantime, Ngapali Beach is worth paying up.

Try this:

Ngapali Bay Villas & Spa
5-star luxury hotel

Ngwe Saung Beach (Silver Beach)

Ngwe Saung Beach is a about a 5-hour drive from Yangon and a popular beach destination on the western coast of Myanmar at the Bay of Bengal. The nightlife scene is still in development but the beach is beautiful. Ngwe Saung Beach is known as Silver Beach, because of its lovely long white sandy beach with clear blue water. If you like pristine beaches, this is for you

Ngwe Saung Beach seems generally designed for tourists with thicker wallets and larger holiday budgets

Try this:

Emerald Sea Resort
3-star hotel

Chaungtha Beach
Chaungtha Beach is a popular village and beach resort located in Ayeyarwady Region in Myanmar, about 5 hours by car from Yangon. It’s cheaper than the other beaches such as Ngwe Saung and Ngapali, but more crowded.

Try this:

Hill Garden Hotel
3-star hotel

Letkokkon Beach
Letkokkon beach is the nearest beach out of Yangon and a fledgling ecotourism destination. The beach is about 15km long and is located on the eastern side of the Irrawaddy delta. It can be reached by car in about 2.5 hours on a bumpy road from Yangon. Letkokkon is an area well-known for suffering devastation during Cyclone Nargis, a tropical cyclone that occurred in 2008 and caused the worst natural disaster in Myanmar’s recorded history. The area has been rebuilding and has a lot of potential. The beach does not have the same white sands and clear blue water you see in some of the other beach destinations in Myanmar. The water is shallow and muddy especially during high tide and monsoons. But in addition to its beach attraction, the area has developing eco and adventure tours. From Yangon, it’s also your easiest option to stuff yourself with fresh seafood and tropical fruit and to sip fresh coconut milk from the plentiful coconut trees.

Not a rock bottom option in terms of price, but this is the cheapest option we have for you so far, and it’s conveniently located in the center of the action.

Try this:

Orchid Adventure Shore Resort
1-star hotel with 18 rooms

Kawthaung / Victoria Point
This is on the Thai border at the most southern part of Myanmar, in the Tanintharyi Region. 30 to 40 minutes by boat from Ranong, Thailand, or a short flight from Yangon. In colonial times, it was known in British Burma as Victoria Point. Kawthaung is a bustling and lively harbor town, as well as a popular place for tourists staying in Thailand to hop over and visit. The Andaman Club Resort Hotel on Thahtay Kyun Island offers casino gambling and is about a 30-minute boat trip from Kawthaung.

Try this:

Penguin Hotel
1-star hotel

Mrauk U

A major archaeological site, tourist destination and medieval town in northern Rakhine State. It was the capital of Mrauk U Kingdom, which was the most important and powerful Rakhine kingdom. Mrauk U was known as the Golden City by foreign traders as it was a major trading center due to its strategic location on the coast of the Bay of Bengal. As such, it played a significant role in the exchange of cultural and religious influences between India and Southeast Asia.

Try these:

Prince Hotel
3-star hotel with cottage-type rooms

Vesali Resort
2-star hotel with 18 rooms

Mrauk U Palace Resort
2-star hotel that opened in 2012

Taungoo is a city located in the Bago Region and famous for the powerful Toungoo Dynasty that ruled Burma for more than two centuries. The Battle of Toungoo also took place here. This was one of the main battlefields during the WWII Burma Campaign and second Sino-Japanese War in the battle over the Yunnan-Burma Road.

The location is developing its backpacker friendly accommodations and we’ll let you know as soon as we have other options; in the meantime…

Try this:

Royal Kaytumadi Hotel
5-star luxury hotel

Capital of Mon State, third largest city of Myanmar (Burma), and the center of trade and main seaport in the southeast of the country.

Try this:

Cinderella Hotel
3-star hotel renovated in 2011

In colonial times, this was a very popular place for the British. It’s a hill town in Shan State, Taunggyi District, located 50km (31 mi) from Inle Lake. This town was the exotic and lush setting used in a famous novel and love story set in Burma during pre-WWII called, “The Art of Hearing Heartbeats.”

Again, we have a situation where the options here are not as cheap as other destinations, but this particular place is special enough to consider splurging.

Try this:

Amara Mountain Resort
3-star hotel with 11 rooms

A famous city in Myanmar. The ancient Pyu capital, Srikshetra, is very close by, which is historically important and has many significant archaeological sites. It’s also the center of commercial trade for the Irrawaddy Delta. The Irrawaddy River is Myanmar’s longest river and a core transportation route across the country.

Try this:

Lucky Dragon Hotel
3-star hotel with 30 rooms

Myanmar is now preparing to nominate the Pyu Ancient Cities to the World Heritage List. Pyu is an ancient town in Bago Region, Taungoo District. The Pyu people are ethnically Tibeto-Burman. They first arrived in northern Burma from Tibet in the 1st century and built city kingdoms. During this period, Burma was an overland trade route between China to India, so Pyu culture was known to be heavily influenced its by trade interactions with India and for importing Buddhism and other cultural influences.

Try this:

115 Miles Traveler's Inn
2-star hotel

Pindaya is a town in Shan State, Taunggyi District that’s famous for limestone caves that contain thousands of Buddha images. The caves are a Buddhist pilgrimage destination as well as tourist attraction.

Try this:

Pindaya Inle Inn
3-star hotel

Need a pit stop? This is a highway town on the road from Heho to Pindaya in Shan State, Taunggyi District. You won't be finding a Denny’s or any Doritos here, but this town’s main function seems to be grab a bite, take a nature break, get some fuel and get going. For locals, it’s an important place for farmers, as it’s at the junction of Kalaw, Pindaya and Taunggyi, where fruits and vegetables are collected before being transported on to other towns.

Try this:

View Point Hotel
2-star hotel

For more ideas on where to stay in Myanmar, be sure to check out our featured hotel recommendations.

Start exploring our What to See & Do section for more ideas on where to go and what to do while you're in Myanmar!

What do the travelers say?

Lim88, Singapore
March 26, 2013
in yangon, clover hotels are good value for money, 3 star, but a big upgrade from the 1 and 2 stars listed here, if you want to splurge a bit try more, also can try clover

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