Shwemokhtaw Paya
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All Pagodas & Monuments Attractions

More than 4,000 sacred pagodas are scattered across Myanmar (Burma), each one a priceless piece of history in and of itself. And that’s just the start of your survey of historic sites.

It is immediately evident to anyone visiting the country that the Burmese culture is a diverse, multi-faceted tapestry of history and charm. We’ve gathered some of the most awe-inspiring sights here, so get on your boots and start exploring!

Unwind on the Irrawaddy (or Ayeyarwady) River
Adventure | Pagodas & Monuments | Landscape | 1 comments
The Irrawaddy River is Myanmar's largest and flows the length of the country before entering the Andaman Sea.
Shwenandaw Monastery
Pagodas & Monuments | 0 comments
Part of King Mindon's royal palace, the Shwenandaw Monastery is an anomaly among the sites of worship.
Kothaung Paya
Pagodas & Monuments | Landscape | 0 comments
With 1,000 Buddhist statues on its grounds and within its halls, the Kothaung Paya is impressive.
Bayin Nyi cave
Adventure | Pagodas & Monuments | Landscape | 1 comments
The complex is situated around the base of a series of low hills near the banks of the Dondami River.
Mt. Zwekabin
Adventure | Pagodas & Monuments | Landscape | 1 comments
In the background of the Thanlwin River stands Mt. Zwekabin, which is 723 meters high.
Kyauk Kalap
Pagodas & Monuments | 0 comments
The Kyauk Kalap Pagoda is situated on top of a tall and thin limestone rock formation.
Pagodas & Monuments | Landscape | 0 comments
Phowintaung is a complex of Buddha caves that is located on the banks of the Chindwin River.
Shwegugale Paya
Pagodas & Monuments | Landscape | 0 comments
Tourists are attracted to Shwegugale Paya because of what surrounds it.
Mya Tha Lyaung
Pagodas & Monuments | 0 comments
Located close by the Shwethlyaung temple, the Mya Tha Lyaung temple is one of the newer in the region.
Shwe Oo Min Pagoda
Adventure | Pagodas & Monuments | Landscape | 0 comments
Just when Buddhist temples and pagodas begin to look the same, Myanmar will surprise its visitors.
Stupas at Kakku
Pagodas & Monuments | Landscape | 0 comments
The stupas at Kakku were built upon an area designed to look like the Buddha's footprint.
Indawgyi lake
Pagodas & Monuments | Landscape | 1 comments
The largest inland body of water in Southeast Asia, Indawgyi Lake is the centerpiece of a wildlife sanctuary.
Majaw Lisu Village
Pagodas & Monuments | Landscape | 0 comments
This rustic village is a two-hour walk from Puta-O, and a great place to view the majestic Himalayan Mountains.
Shwedagon Pagoda
Pagodas & Monuments | 1 comments
Considered by the people of Myanmar (Burma) to be the most sacred of all Buddhist sites, the Shwedagon Pagoda is a golden stupa that dominates the skyline.
Sule Pagoda
Pagodas & Monuments | 0 comments
For more than 2,000 years, the Sule Pagoda has been an integral part of the Yangon skyline.
Mandalay Hill
Pagodas & Monuments | Landscape | 0 comments
If you are in Mandalay City, you won’t be able to miss Mandalay Hill. Rising 240 meters above the city, the hill is located to the northeast of the city center.
Mahamuni Temple
Pagodas & Monuments | 0 comments
Also known as the Mahamuni Pagoda, this Buddhist temple is located toward the southwest of Mandalay.
Kuthodaw Pagoda
Pagodas & Monuments | 0 comments
Home to the world's largest book, the Kuthodaw Pagoda is on the Southeast base of Mandalay Hill.
Mandalay Palace
Pagodas & Monuments | 0 comments
Known as the Golden Palace, the compound took four years to build, starting in 1857, and was constructed of teak and brick with liberal amounts of gold detailing.
Bagan Archaeological Museum
Pagodas & Monuments | 0 comments
Opened in 1904, the Bagan Archaeological Museum is located in north Bagan near the Gawdawt Palin Pagoda.
Mount Popa
Pagodas & Monuments | Landscape | 0 comments
Located 50km outside of Bagan is Mount Popa in Kyaukadaung Township. Most visitors will hire a car or take a taxi as the journey can take more than an hour.
Kawgun Cave
Adventure | Pagodas & Monuments | 1 comments
While the many limestone caves around Hpa-An are natural marvels of their own, if you can only visit one, it would have to be Kawgun Cave temple.
The Naga Hills
Pagodas & Monuments | Landscape | 0 comments
Not to be confused with the serpentine Naga of Buddhist and Hindu lore, the Naga are an ethnic minority who live along the border with India.
Snake Monastery
Pagodas & Monuments | 0 comments
In Bago, just 80 kilometers outside Yangon, is a monastery that often plays second fiddle to archeological wonders that populate the area.
Bilu Kyun (Ogre Island)
Pagodas & Monuments | Landscape | 0 comments
While it may be impossible to prove that ogres once existed on Bilu Kyun island, there certainly aren't any there today.