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The ‘Butterfly Houses’ of Thailand Target Orphans
There are also about 50,000 Karen refugees that have been resettled in America, Canada, Australia,...
Shari, Germany Germany
May 04, 2013
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Is That Something In My Water? Take Precautions
Excellent advice in being prepared before leaving home. It's also important to plan having the...
Riccardo, Canada Canada
March 11, 2013
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Giant Stingray: A Critter with a Mean Switchblade
Seriously? What the heck would you do with one if you got ahold of it and managed to land it? Do...
JenTheHornist, United States United States
May 17, 2013
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The Rare Burmese Star Tortoises Need Your Help
Save them! Turtles have been on earth much longer than people, they are unchanged in form, since...
Franco, Italy Italy
April 03, 2013
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Local Economy: Myanmar’s Industries
the other double edge is that natural resources in poor countries are the source of crises and...
fishhook, Japan Japan
March 26, 2013
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All People & Tribes Attractions

Myanmar (Burma) is a place of mystery. This is a consequence of being cut off from the West for decades and of so many cultures enriching its culture.

You can go back in time with the minority hill tribes and see how life has been lived for hundreds of years. You can see the majority Burmese rapidly embracing modernity while remaining true to their heritage.

Myanmar is more than its sights and sounds and flavors. The main attraction is its people. With hundreds of different cultures to choose from, every journey within its borders is fascinating.

The Achang
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The Achang are a rice-growing people and are accomplished craftspeople, and most evenings can be heard making music together.
The Yao
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They have a Chinese faith and heritage. Their Daoism and its attendant rituals offer them insight into the yin and yang of life.
The Wa (or Va or Son)
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Fierce and warlike but not at all hostile to polite visitors, the Wa are something of an enigma.
The Colorful Akha Stay Connected to Nature
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The Akha offer travelers a unique cultural experience. You can view their humble lives and watch them chase away evil spirits.
The Anglo-Burmese
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Heralding back to colonial times, this cultural remnant is evidence of times gone by in Myanmar.
The Thadou (or Thado)
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Solid and imposing villages are home to a gentle people. The Thadou may regale you with the story of their migration from Tibet.
The Asho
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If you’re visiting Chin State and you’d like to meet some folks who haven’t left their past behind, the Asho are the perfect hosts.
The Taungyo
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If you visit Shan State, you’re guaranteed to meet a few of the Taungyo. You’ll need to keep an ear open to identify them.
The Atsi/The Zaiwa
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The Atsi are an independent people who for many generations have insisted on living their lives on their own terms.
The Taron (T’rung or Tyrone)
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They are the last tribe of pygmies in Myanmar. The Taron live in the heart of the Himalayas.
Tai Khamti
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Actually a gentle farming folk, these people have reputations as warriors. Watch out for the finest swords in all of Myanmar.
Bamar (The Burmese)
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The Burmese people are warm and generous. Visitors to Myanmar will marvel at the variety and complexity of their lives.
The Sizang (or Siyin)
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Helter-skelter Sizang villages drape hillsides because the Sizang like it that way... and they welcome strangers to their villages.
The Rawang
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The origin of the Rawang is a little bit of a mystery, and across the various tribes, a hundred dialects are spoken.
The Burmese-Chinese (or Sino-Burmese)
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Inextricably linked by both geography and history, the Sino-Burmese are an inescapable part of Burmese life.
The Burmese- Indians
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If you can't tour the sub-continent, step into certain districts of Yangon and meet Indian people delicately infused with Burmese culture.
The Pa-O (Pa-Oh, Black Karen or Taungtha)
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The Black Karen (the name comes from their clothing) build some of the best Buddhist temples in Myanmar, and that’s really saying something.
The Daingnet
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Different but somehow still the same. The Daingnet offer a warm welcome to the weary traveler.
The Panthays
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Part of the Burmese way of life, yet separate from it, the Panthays give a traveler a chance to appreciate a brand new flavor of Asian Muslim life.
The Danau (Danaw) People
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If you like a little mystery when you visit the wilds, then the brave archers of the Danau might be the highlight of your trip.
The Padaung
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For many, they are the sole reason for a visit to Myanmar. The Padaung certainly are the most famous face of the Asian region.
The Kachin (or Jingpo) People
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The Kachin are descendants of the Mongol invaders of hundreds of years ago. Despite their warrior tradition, a visitor is assured of a warm welcome.
The Naga
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The Naga are a Christian people and gave up their warrior traditions to embrace it.
The Khmu (or Khamu or Kemu)
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Story-telling, song and sunlight. Who could resist spending some time with Khmu?
The Mro
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It may not be easy to meet the shy and retiring Mro, yet a little perseverance reveals hidden treasures.