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Riccardo, Canada Canada
March 06, 2013
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Myanmar is the Real Uncharted Frontier
mergui archipelago is real deal - that's unchartered, i think I may have discovered an island, and...
fishhook, Japan Japan
March 26, 2013
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Beautiful Women Are Enhancing Nation's Image
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Franco, Italy Italy
April 03, 2013
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Can Myanmar People Read and Write?
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Jsantos, Philippines Philippines
April 03, 2013
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Shopping in Yangon: We’re talking MALLS!
please don't show this blog to my wife, i was hoping this would be a cheap trip!...
taylor7, Thailand Thailand
March 26, 2013
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All Cities & Towns Attractions

From bustling cities thriving with activity to quaint towns and villages steeped in history, Myanmar offers the entire range of sightseeing opportunities.

Whether you seek handsome handmade wares, are curious about ancient architecture, crave local Burmese cuisine, or just want to get lost in a street side marketplace, we’ve got you covered. Surf the following handpicked must-see attractions to start your planning.

Elephant Coach Hire
Cities & Towns | 0 comments
The Asia Elephant Coach company painstakingly restores Chevrolet trucks that the British Army used in Myanmar (Burma) during colonial rule. There are now three coaches in the fleet.
Yangon City Hall
Cities & Towns | 0 comments
Yangon City Hall is located in the heart of Yangon, the county's largest city.
Escape to Soft Sands and Peace of Ngapali Beach
Cities & Towns | Adventure | Landscape | Beaches & Islands | 0 comments
Located in Rakhine State near Thandwe, Ngapali Beach is one of the most well-known coastal areas.
Ngwe Saung Elephant Camp is Interactive
Cities & Towns | Adventure | Landscape | 0 comments
Opened in 2000, this area attraction is an elephant camp that is an easy drive from the beaches.
Cities & Towns | Landscape | Beaches & Islands | 0 comments
Chaungtha is a 5-hour drive from Yangon, and is a village that is best known for its beach and resort.
Cities & Towns | 0 comments
If you're headed to Khakabo Razi National Park, you can't go wrong by putting up in the town of Puta-O.
Cities & Towns | 0 comments
Until the 19th century, Bhamo was the nexus of trade between Burma and China; caravans from India would stop here before moving farther into the Far East.
Ngwe Saung Beach (Silver Beach)
Cities & Towns | Landscape | Beaches & Islands | 1 comments
Ngwe Saung (Silver Beach) is a wonderful resort area for those seeking to steer clear of the usual beach bustle.
Yangon: A City Filled with Commerce and Cuisine
Cities & Towns | Shopping & Markets | 0 comments
Yangon is Myanmar’s largest city and the main gateway to the country. The 2,500-year-old city was called Dagon until 1755 when King Alaungmintaya renamed it “Yangon,” which means “the end of strife.”
Hidden Gems: Bhamo
Cities & Towns | Pagodas & Monuments | 0 comments
Bhamo is a hidden gem near the Chinese border. It’s a beautiful old trading port that’s often overlooked by travelers searching for more famous destinations.
Hidden Gems: Hsipaw
Cities & Towns | Landscape | 0 comments
Hsipaw (or Thibaw in the Shan language) is a town lying in the heart of the Shan Province of Myanmar.
Hidden Gems: Lashio
Cities & Towns | 0 comments
Lashio lies near the Chinese border with Myanmar and is a surprisingly large city for its remote location. It is the capital of the Shan Province and a hive of activity.
Hidden Gems: Muse
Cities & Towns | Pagodas & Monuments | Shopping & Markets | 0 comments
Muse is the largest trading post with Burma’s northern neighbor, China. It’s home to about 20,000 people.
Hidden Gems: Hpa – An
Cities & Towns | Pagodas & Monuments | Landscape | 0 comments
Hpa-An is the capital city for the Province of Kayin. It is one of the closest to the Thai border and is the first major city that Thai travelers would encounter.
Hidden Gems: Pathein
Cities & Towns | Landscape | 0 comments
Pathein is the fourth largest city in Myanmar. It’s also known as Bassein locally, and is the capital city of the Ayeyarwady Region.
Hidden Gems: Myitkyina
Cities & Towns | 0 comments
Myitkyina is a trade hub and the capital of Kachin Province, so there is a hustling flavor to the city.
Discover the Forgotten Ruins of Mrauk U
Cities & Towns | Pagodas & Monuments | Landscape | 0 comments
Mrauk U has so much to offer history buffs and anyone else who can appreciate the past.
Hidden Gems: Mawlamyaing (Mawlamyine)
Cities & Towns | 0 comments
Mawlamyaing is a large city. It is home to nearly a half-million people, the third largest city in the country.
Hidden Gems: Kyaing Tong
Cities & Towns | Pagodas & Monuments | 0 comments
Kyaing Tong (or variously Kengtung, Chiang Tung, Kengtong, or Cheingtung depending on the local dialect being spoken) is a small town in Shan State.
Mergui (or Myeik) Archipelago
Cities & Towns | Landscape | Beaches & Islands | 0 comments
An ultimate vacation spot in Myanmar is the Mergui Archipelago, an area of natural and unspoiled beauty.
Re-live History Along Yangon's Colonial Heritage Trail
Cities & Towns | Arts & Culture | 0 comments
Yangon is a gold mine for people with an interest in old-style colonial architecture. A treasure trove of old buildings from that period awaits your perusal.
Can You Guess How Many Pagodas in Bagan? 2,000!
Cities & Towns | Adventure | Pagodas & Monuments | Arts & Culture | 0 comments
Bagan is a beautiful ancient city located on the Eastern bank of the Irrawaddy River in the Mandalay Region of Myanmar. It is home to temples dating back 1,500 years.
Cities & Towns | Pagodas & Monuments | 0 comments
The city of Bago is the capital of Bago Region in Myanmar (Burma). It is situated on the River Bago and is located 50 miles from Yangon. The city is still surrounded by its old wall and moat.
Cities & Towns | Arts & Culture | 0 comments
Meiktila is a city at the center of Myanmar (Burma). Situated on the banks of Lake Meiktila in Mandalay division, it is a place of natural beauty.
Yangon Circular Train
Cities & Towns | 0 comments
This 46-km (29-mile) railway takes a circular route through Yangon and its suburbs. It is first and foremost a commuter line, though tourists love it.