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4 Places You Can Find Some Eco-tourism Thrills
good to hear! I really hope that we can promote eco-tourism and preserve the forests of Myanmar...
excinit, United States United States
March 06, 2013
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Will Extreme Skiers Come to Fly Down Hkakabo?
Unusual, spectacular, and still unknown by tourists! Awesome! No shortage of globe...
SummerHunt, United States United States
March 10, 2013
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Click-Clack: Chin Bamboo Dance About Ethnic Unity
the poorest people r always having the most fun! and r the happiest! don't listen to CNN, people in...
transientbeauty, Canada Canada
April 04, 2013
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Best Western is on its way to Myanmar (Burma)!
my friends work at Best Western Hotel La Corona in Manila, for sure they will get asked to go work...
Jsantos, Philippines Philippines
April 03, 2013
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Definition of Excitement: Seeing a Bengal Tiger
In China there used to be 100,000's of wild tigers. Today they only have a few thousand left....
transientbeauty, Canada Canada
April 05, 2013
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Myanmar Conferences 2015
Upcoming Events | 0 comments
Want to learn more or get involved with Myanmar’s development? Check out these conferences from around the world to get you started…
Upcoming Events for March 2015
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Get a taste for the local culture and people by attending these events!
Upcoming Events for February 2015
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Go beyond the typical tourist attractions by checking out some special events while you're in Myanmar!
Upcoming Events for January 2015
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Looking for something beyond the usual temples and tourist attractions? Check these events out...
Some Upcoming Events for December 2014
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Heading to Myanmar this month? Here are some events you might want to check out while you’re in town…
Southeast Asian Games 2013
Upcoming Events | 0 comments
The Southeast Asian Games (formerly known as the Southeast Asian Peninsular Games) has been held every two years since 1959, and for the first time in 44 years, Myanmar (Burma) will again play host in 2013. ...
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