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Introducing a Bright and Lovely Myanmar Plant
Its beautiful!...
ChristieD, United States United States
April 21, 2013
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Treat Yourself in Yangon to Fine Burmese Dining
Yangon Region
Good to hear that MSG usage is in decline....
Riccardo, Canada Canada
March 11, 2013
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3 Elegant Teak Mansions You'll Admire in Yangon
Teak is such beautiful wood, but it would be great if sustainable forestry could really be enforced...
JenTheHornist, United States United States
May 21, 2013
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5 Myanmar Islands with Great Snorkeling for You
This will definitely be on my list of things-to-do while making my way through Myanmar...stunning! ...
Dani, Canada Canada
April 05, 2013
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Tomb Raider: Crack Open Monkey Egg in Mrauk U
Way better than CGI....
Asiatia79, United Kingdom United Kingdom
April 14, 2013
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Vegetarian Cuisine
Eat & Drink | 0 comments
Being a vegetarian in Myanmar (Burma) is a lot easier than in neighboring Thailand. While meat-based food still dominates most restaurant menus, it is rare to find a place that can't make something vegetarian for you. ...
Tropical Fruits and Where to Find Them
Eat & Drink | 0 comments
Savoring local fare when traveling is certainly a major part of any trip, but it need not be confined to restaurants and other eateries. The local markets are brimming with food items that often just cannot be found anywhere else.. ...
Local Farmer Markets
Eat & Drink | 0 comments
Finding out what makes Myanmar (Burma) unique can be discovered quite quickly by visiting local farmer markets. Markets in Myanmar are lively, bustling areas where locals are searching out the sweetest fruit, freshest fish caught that morning, and...
Burmese Tea
Eat & Drink | 0 comments
Take a moment to explore the exotic teas and teahouses of Myanmar (Burma) ...
Burmese Coffee
Eat & Drink | 0 comments
Like much of the rest of the economy, the coffee industry in Myanmar (Burma) is still in its early stages. You’re unlikely to find Burmese coffee at your local Starbucks anytime soon, so if you love coffee as much as we do you may want to...
Local Beers
Eat & Drink | 0 comments
Myanmar (Burma) has a variety of beers available. However, the brew of choice for both locals and visitors is Myanmar Beer. ...
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