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Coming to Myanmar? Here is What to Pack
Dressing conservatively is definitely important for women in Myanmar... almost all girls and women...
Layla, United States United States
April 07, 2013
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I’m Bringing Home a Baby…Bumblebee Bat
Awwww! I want one! do they sell those? I so want one of those little cuties...
powergirl, United States United States
April 03, 2013
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Pack Your Trunk for an Elephant Camp Tour
sign me up, love riding elephants in SEAsia! tour around Burma on a elephant, gotta try that!...
Franco, Italy Italy
April 03, 2013
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Academy Awards: New Stars in Myanmar Galaxy
They have a rich film history actually, when it was a British colony lots of movies were filmed...
JuliaFern, United States United States
April 26, 2013
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Clip-Clop: A One-Horse Way to Enjoy All of Bagan
Couldn't agree more JenTheHornist, I love the idea of helping out a local plus it really does sound...
ChrisG, United States United States
May 30, 2013
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At a Glance
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Planning a trip to Myanmar (Burma)? You’re in luck. We’ve put together a whole range of resources to help you prepare for an unforgettable vacation.
Visa Requirements
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Information on the visa types, the requirements for each visa type, and what to do when you're traveling with children.
Applying For a Visa
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Information on Myanmar's e-Visas, Visa on Arrivals, getting your visa from the embassy, or through the mail!
What to Expect at Yangon Airport
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Now that you have booked your trip with, here’s a heads up about what to expect when you touch down at Yangon International. We want your arrival to be as smooth as possible.
Overview of Money and Costs
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What is the currency of Myanmar? How much money should you bring? Should you use US dollars or exchange all your money to Kyat? Are there ATMs yet?
When to go to Myanmar (Burma)
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Want to know when the best time to go is? Or just want to learn more about the climate in Myanmar? Read on!
Transportation within Myanmar (Burma)
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There is a great range of options for getting around in Myanmar (Burma). Take your pick, and enjoy the ride!
Traveling from Thailand
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From Thailand, Myanmar (Burma) is very accessible by air with plenty of direct flights, but there are also several overland crossings allowing you to visit the country as well.
Bicycle Rentals
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Myanmar (Burma) is an ideal country to explore by bicycle. Its breathtaking tourist attractions can be accessed by a variety of special tours designed for cycling enthusiasts, and its thriving bike rental industry makes it a perfect place to indulge...
Cities with Direct Flights into Myanmar (Burma)
Cruises to Myanmar (Burma)
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International cruise ships are increasingly including Myanmar (Burma) in their Asian itineraries. The cruise ships are a home away from home, helping you with most travel tasks, like organizing visas, and providing entertainment and onshore...
Finding Internet Access
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The internet has fast become something indispensable to the world. But internet access in Myanmar (Burma) is not the norm for a couple of reasons. The cost of logging on is high, and the government has implemented restrictive measures. This means...
International Couriers in Myanmar
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These companies offer express mail, letter and parcel, freight and other services from Myanmar (Burma): ...
Traveling Safely in Myanmar (Burma) – Travel Advisory Updates
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It is advisable to become familiar with your home country’s travel advisory service. Bookmark the website from your country or consult a range of country’s advisory services to stay up to date. ...
Responsible Travel in Myanmar (Burma)
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At, we maintain a strict policy regarding the hotels we feature on our website. Our hotels are carefully selected and do not appear on any sanctions lists. We do this as part of our commitment to the citizens of Myanmar and the...
Tourist Safety in Myanmar (Burma)
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Traveling and safety sometimes are incompatible desires. That’s just the way it is. You hop in your car or walk into that plane and you are taking more risk than if you were walking down the hall and hopping into your bed. ...
Embassy & Consulate Information
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Visa Application Information by Country ...
Myanmar Flights
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Booking flights for any kind of trip can be a hassle – you never know if you’re getting the best deal, or if you should look at a different city or nearby airport for a better price. When you book flights to Myanmar, at least we’re...
Myanmar Hotels
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The flights are booked, the dates are set, and all that’s left is to figure out where to stay. But where? You may not realize it but there is a huge variety of Myanmar hotels, ranging from budget friendly to ones that show you how amazing...
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