Yangon’s First Hotel Rooftop Bar is Open!
08 Jan 2013
The news that a rooftop bar had just opened in Yangon had us leaping from our seats, crossing town, ...
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Yangon Hotels Offer 5-Star Drinking Spaces
27 Feb 2013
The Yangon hotel bar scene is growing in popularity for everything from pre-dinner drinks to late ni ...
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50th Street: Guys and Gals, and Suds and Grub
25 Mar 2013
A favorite place in Yangon for visiting men and women to swap travel stories is a place they end up ...
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Two Scenic Train Trips a Fun Way to See Myanmar
14 May 2013
Many visitors find train rides to be the best mode of travel through a new country. Trains offer a s ...
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Remembering Burma's Royal Muslim Soldiers
22 Feb 2013
These Muslim soldiers heroically fought for Burma's most celebrated kings, and helped build the land ...
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